Flavours in chocolate

The world of flavours

The world of flavours

How to taste chocolate
Cacao-first chocolate has a lot of tasting notes. The fun in trying real chocolate is taking your time. Let each piece melt in your mouth, slowly. Resist the urge to bite (we know, we know). Chocolate is a (cacao) butter product, and when’s the last time you bit into a stick of butter? Flavours change as the chocolate is consumed so stay around for the after taste. You will come away remembering a character, as if you just met someone. What’s your first impression? Want to meet again?

Original Beans Flavour Wheel

Every bean
has a story to tell

...of course every product, too. Our chocolates are hyper-local and every bean harvest tastes a bit different depending on the year. With our flavour wheel we have tried to capture each bean and chocolate´s character only in broader strokes.

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