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You are a chocolate lover, a cacao grower, a regeneration partner. Youhave joined in our mission together to regenerate what we consume.

Some call what connects us a “supply chain”. But aren’t we rather a value circle? Sharing values in a circle that runs from the cacao gardens to the food kitchens and back again?

Only together, we create the impact.
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ONE 4 one tree

Track your impact

Original Beans' one-for-one tree programme is the world's longest-running. Since 2010, together with you, we have grown 3,5 million trees in the world’s tropical forest hotspots, some 10 thousand soccer fields of forests owned and managed by local and indigenous communities.

We never outsource this work, because we believe the most lasting impact happens when chocolate lovers and cacao growers connect in ways that are meaningful to both. If you buy Original Beans chocolate, you fund those who grow trees. If you grow trees, you take care of forests on behalf of us all. 

our impact tracker

Travel to your Tree

Since 2010, we have had a “tree tracker” online for you to view the tree nursery locations on a map. Already on our first bars ever, we printed “tree codes” which referred to the respective nursery location once you typed the code into our website. We look back on it like our version of the printing press. Today, we use QR codes on all products. Try it out on your product or with the test code here. 

The Chocolate Foodprint

Measure your impact

When a company claims sustainability and fairness, how do you know whatit means and whether it means anything at all? One third of agriculturecompanies - those who destroy rainforests like no others with theircattle, soy (for cattle), palm oil, rubber, coffee and cocoa - havepublic no-deforestation claims. Only one fifth have actual monitoringsystems in place.

The Chocolate Foodprint is your dashboard onthe impact we make together. The data is collected in the fields andvillages by our local Bean Team. They count trees grown, women at work,beans bought, prices paid, and we report them every year. We would loveto document more about the 5000 grower families we reach, and over timewe will. For now, the cacao growers we know still live in a world beyondelectricity, airfields and big data.

Invest in Climate Forests

Climate Action
for Business

As a company you can act against climate change in three “scopes”:
1) eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from your operations;
2) eliminate ghg’s from energy you buy;
3) eliminate ghg’s from your supply chains.

The third scope has by far the largest impact and challenge (thus it remains “voluntary” for now).

At Original Beans, we travel by train, meet online, and cater real food to improve on scope 1. We use green energy throughout for scope 2. To tackle scope 3, we have organised our value circle (aka supply chain) in a way that actually produces a “negative” carbon balance (positive for the climate). Check that out here.

In the end, it’s international air travel that still leaves an ugly CO2 trail. To turn this into something positive, we invest in Climate (rain)Forests managed by the grower communities we know and trust. Download the brochure here.   

In addition, we have started up the Sacred Forests Foundation which helps to protect even larger tracts of forests together with indigenous peoples. Learn more about SF’s projects, such as the extraordinary alliance between the Arhuaco and Rituals Cosmetics here.

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